Are you ready to step on stage but have no idea the steps to be paid? Would you like to monetize your magnificence?

This is our signature mastermind program, Synergy Speakers for serious soul-based, purpose-driven, women who are experts in their field, authors and thought leaders committed to monetizing their magnificence. The group assists you to be aligned to get paid to speak. This comprehensive 6-month content-filled program offers everything from how to secure speaking gigs, marketing, social media, negotiating contracts and cutting down your learning curve to being a paid speaker. Deborah Deras herself coaches you with two content filled videos per month, plus face time with her in your monthly Q&A coaching webinars. You will also have a weekly accountability buddy to keep you focused on track and a powerful and encouraging community to keep you focused and on track. If you go VIP she will even coach you to create your speeches and get you the marketing savvy to book more gigs at every paid gig. You will be surrounded by an amazing community of like-minded women who want to transform the world by being messengers for their important message. This program is by application only to make sure it is a good fit for you. See the application info below on how to apply.

Using this easy to follow system with all the steps I took to build my speaking business, you will learn how to share your powerful message with your target audience who is seeking you out to solve the issue their audience is having. Best of all you will get paid to do what you love and transform lives along the way!


Learn where the paid speaking gigs are and how to position yourself to have meeting planners calling you.


I firmly believe that clarity is cash. I'll help you figure out what problem you solve for your audience and how to position yourself as the thought leader in your industry so you own the lane that you created for yourself by following my steps.



I have been speaking in corporate America for 17 years. I have developed a 70-page manual with everything I have done to get paid gigs including my agreements and assessment tools to ensure you book the paid gig and get consistent repeat gigs as well.

  • Discover your WHY, which will give you the confidence to WOW any audience.
  • Get crystal clarity on your unique area of expertise so that you know what associations/organizations to market to.
  • How to position yourself, what marketing materials you need and what social media platforms you need to have a presence on to book more gigs online.
  • How to get PAID gigs. Where are these gigs and how to position yourself as the one to hire.
  • Plus tons of templates including my contract that I paid a lawyer to create for me, the pre event questionaire, evaluation form to get return gigs and much more.
  • A checklist of income producing activities you can take daily to book more business.
  • How to make your audience members your sales team. Easy Breezy.
  • PLUS MUCH MORE WITH A 70 PAGE WORKBOOK AND OVER A DOZEN VIDEOS & over 36 AUDIOS on how to be a paid speaker.

If you have a desire to take your expertise and share it with the world, and feel you are a messenger for an important message to transform the world. Let me help you get your speaking programs out to your ideal audience. I will show you how step-by-step.

Be Paid for Your Expertise

All it takes is ONE paid speaking gig to cover the cost of this entire course. My average gig when I started was $1500 that is why I made that the price of the mastermind now I have added a zero to that number as my average and you can too if you follow my lead. Let me coach you to monetize your magnificence!.

The Power of Synergy Speaking Mastermind group is Six months with two video modules delivered to your inbox on the 2nd and 3rd Monday's at 9 AM PST. On the 4th Monday's of every month during the six months you will have a LIVE Q&A Coaching Zoom webinar with Deborah Deras to get coaching on the material covered in the first two modules.

This will give you time to integrate the assignments, so you can be a paid speaker as soon as possible. I am committed to your success as a results coach and have included time to take action within the program to set you up for success.

You will connect with your accountability buddy on the 5th and 1st Monday or weekly if you need the check in for support.

You can share resources and ask questions and mastermind challenges in our Facebook group daily during the duration of the Mastermind.

Our Spring cohort begins on Monday, July 8th- December 16, 2019.

The group Q&A sessions are the fourth Monday of each of the month from 6pm-7:30pm PST/ 9-10:30pm EST via ZOOM a webconference line you can attend via phone or computer.

This may be subject to change in case of emergency but you will have at least two weeks notice to plan accordingly unless an act of God.

LIMITED SPACE: Because we are committed to the success of ALL of our participants to allow time for coaching and development and to answer your questions and mastermind your challenges. We are limiting enrollment only to experts who are ready to be a paid speaker now. If you feel that procrastination or sabotage may be at play, we recommend you take our Mindset for Success course first to help you break these negative patterns that can stop you before your event start.

Two online video modules of training per month delivered for your convenience to your inbox on the 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month by 9am PST/12 EST. You can watch the module and do the assignments at any time of the week. For optimal success, I recommend scheduling in your calendar the same 90 minutes uninterrupted time every week to make it a habit.

We will have LIVE Coaching Zoom Webinars monthly with the dynamic Deborah Deras. You will receive training, coaching, and Q&A on the two modules you just watched and done assignment on so that you may get your questions answered on the 4th Mondays of each month for 90 minutes at 6pm-7:30pm PST/ 9-10:30pm EST.

  • Module One - Creating Your Speaking Business
  • Module Two - Clarify your Target Market
  • Module Three - Find Paid Speaking Gigs
  • Module Four - Develop Multiple Streams of Income
  • Module Five - Negotiate the highest fees
  • Module Six - Daily Actions to Keep Consistent Bookings
  • Module Seven - Using Facebook to book gigs
  • Module Eight - Using Instagram to book gigs
  • Module Nine - Using LinkedIn to book gigs
  • Module Ten - Using Youtube to book gigs
  • Module Eleven - Podcasting to book gigs

he online trainings are delivered to you via zoom video so you can watch anywhere anytime.

The monthly live interactive Q&A are super valuable, so please schedule the fourth Monday in your calendar at 5:30 PM PST and have reliable WIFI, and your questions ready. If for some reason you don't have reliable WIFI than you can still participate via cell phone via audio not video.

You will have a private membership Facebook group where you can post questions, successes, and share resources. All the videos and materials will be available in our private group.

All modules are recorded, and we will post the video recording for your viewing pleasure in our private Facebook group for you to access anytime.

Yes, everything is online via ZOOM so you can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer or phone with excellent internet service.

Yes, if you pay in full, it includes a 60-minute strategy session with Deborah. If you do the VIP option, you will get an additional 2 sessions per month for those of you on the fast track. During the Mastermind, you will have an opportunity to be coached in the group setting. Also, if you have an urgent issue like negotiating a high paid speaking gig, you can arrange a private call with her based on availability. If you want more 1-1's, you can purchase private sessions with Deb at a reduced rate of 20% off while in the mastermind group to support your success with ease and grace.

Approximately 90 minutes to two hours a week, to watch the videos, do the assignments, attend group meetings, read books, listen to podcasts, and get support from your accountability buddy.

You will get out of it what you put into it but since we believe less is more even if you have one hour a day you will make progress.

It is $333 a month for 6 months or $1497 if you pay up front plus a bonus 1-1 session with Deborah for paying in full.

 Yes, we do once you apply and are accepted you will be invited to the registration page with the payment plan.

Yes, if you have completed all the assignments and have taken all the actions provided (proof will be asked for) and still within a year do not book a paid speaking gig. We will be happy to return your money in full. This is not a get rich quick scheme; however, if you follow the steps diligently and consistently, you will see the results.

We have never had anyone ask for a refund because we know the program works if you work it. For some, people there are subconscious limiting beliefs that may block you if so I recommend the VIP option because 1-1 coaching sessions with Deborah will clear you from the issues that are under the surface.

For other questions feel free to call or text: 310-945-5651

We Match You With The Right Program For You!

Once you apply for the Mastermind, we will contact you to discuss which program is a best fit for your goals.

If you are not already speaking on a regular basis our Ignite Your Speaking program will help you build your confidence and get some free speaking under your belt before you hit the paid stages.


Only Enrolling Once in 2019

If you are considering being a paid speaker then now is your time to take the stage. We are only opening enrollment once in 2019 since this is a 6 month program. There is limited space because each month we do Q&A and want to personally answer all your questions. The first modules are delivered on Monday, July 8th and the first Live Q&A is LIVE on June 22nd so APPLY TODAY!


We have several levels of programming based on your level of speaking experience, your confidence in your speaking and your visions and goals. Please fill out the application form. After we review it we will call you to discuss the best program for your specific needs.


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