Would you like to be paid for what you are passionate about and are already doing, FOR FREE?  



What is the Synergy Speaker Mastermind?

It is our signature 6-month Mastermind group to assist experts who are already speaking and are ready to be paid for your expertise. The great part of the group is you will meet amazing experts who will be your synergy sisters, strategic partners, #1 supporters and will become your life long friends for years to come.

  • A Soul-based Women expert?
  • A Thought Leader? A Creative?
  • An Entrepreneur?
  • A Former Professor? A Doctor? A Therapist?
  • A Life Coach? A Social Worker?
  • Or are you that wonderful being who have knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to share?

This is not for...

🔵People who are scared to speak or are not already comfortable speaking. (I have another program, Ignite Your Speaking to help you with that.)

🔵 People who are unwilling to do the work to create a Speaking Website, Speak to get video footage or follow through on assignments that will put you out of your comfort zone because it is new.

Get Clarity on your expertise.

Build a CHARISMATIC brand where you attract your ideal customer by magnetizing them to you.

Identify and determine who is the best audience to speak to.

Master how to use Social Media to generate leads.

Attract your ideal customer, so you don’t need to keep recreating the wheel as the speaking business can be feast or famine if you don’t have a clear niche.

Get comfortable on camera with videos and live streaming. Learn how I booked a $15k gig with a FB video.

Generate a compelling and charismatic sizzle reel that will sell your speaking programs online. Discover how I booked a $60k gig on YouTube and so much more.

Develop social proof with testimonials, google reviews, and how to get video reviews, so it is a no brainer to pick you as the speaker for your next paid booking.

Learn a step by step formula of how to build a profitable speaking business with my 70-page workbook.

In addition...

🔷Video tutorials on Facebook for Speakers, YouTube for Speakers, Instagram for Speakers, and LinkedIn for Speakers. I booked massive gigs with major brands via Social Media platforms alone from companies like Procter & Gamble, NASA, Verizon, GE, and so many more.

🔷You will learn so much more from the Coaching Modules each month where you and your Synergy sisters and brothers ask questions that you want to know so you will go to the next level.

🔷 Your weekly accountability check-in sessions will keep you motivated, on task and also accountable to follow through on the assignments as well as the Facebook group.

Module One: Creating Your Speaking Business

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Determine the vision for your speaking career.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7 Learn how to become a magnet for lucrative speaking opportunities.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7You will be led through visioning exercises that will align your values and desired lifestyle with your speaking business.

Module Two: Clarity is Cash

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7 Learn why discovering your sweet spot and picking a lane leads to becoming a Paid Speaker Now

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7 Learn how to choose your perfect niche.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Determine your perfect audience (and get tools where to find them)

Module Three: Find Paid Speaking Gigs

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Learn who will pay, how much to charge them, and how to market to them. How to get free Publicity to grow your brand.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to make your audience members your sales staff by using my formula to get them to book you for follow up engagements..

Module Four: Creating a Call-To-Action

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to create a call-to-action for the back of the room sales.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Get my proven template to book follow up speaking gigs and private coaching clients.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to develop a consulting business from your speaking.

Module Five: Creating Agreements and Negotiating the Highest Fees

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to position yourself for higher fees.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7The one thing you can say to get double the fees.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7The two things you can do to increase fees.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to negotiate properly and the fatal mistakes I have made that you will avoid.

Module Six: Income Producing Activities

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7What you can be doing each day to keep consistent speaking revenue.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to schedule your week as a speaker to maximize revenue and be a six-figure earner or more sky's -  the limit as a speaker.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to generate business without spending a lot of money on overhead or ads.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Receive a proven daily task list to keep yourself focused on your Income Producing Activities.

Module Seven: Facebook for Speakers

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Learn how to book the BIG GIGS like  Procter & Gamble and NBC, Churches Chicken via Facebook Live.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How & When to do Facebook LIVE

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to post on social media in a way that will lead to booking lucrative gigs

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How & When to do Facebook LIVE

Module Eight: Instagram for Speakers

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to post to inspire bookings

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to use stories

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to generate business without spending a lot of money on overhead or ads.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to use IGTV to get gigs

Module Nine: LinkedIn for Speakers

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Learn how to use LinkedIn to be searchable and book speaking gigs

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7Learn simple yet profound steps to implement into your profile so people know you are available for hire as a speaker.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to increase booking Fortune 500 high paid gigs by utilizing this platform where every CEO and HR Manager has a presence.

Module Ten: YouTube for Speakers

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How a single YouTube video led to booking a gig that paid more than my previous year's salary!

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to book gigs for a decade from one critical piece of video on YouTube

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7The 5 crucial steps to making your YouTube videos highly visible in Google and other online searches

Module Eleven: Podcasting for Speakers

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to create your own Podcast to upgrade your brand to a Superstar Speaker.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to get booked on other people’s Podcasts (Great if you don’t have the time to do your own!).

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to book paid gigs by repurposing your show from other people’s podcasts.

Heavy Check Mark on WhatsApp 2.19.7How to strategically answer questions on podcasts to see your programs and services.

Synergy Speaker Mastermind graduates, who are now PAID speakers.


You are the Messenger for the Message.

You are invited to join the Synergy Speaker Mastermind program and start the path to be paid for your expertise. With the power of Synergy, anything is possible... You are the messenger for your very powerful message and I believe you deserve to be paid for your expertise.

Limited space so enroll now!

Discover your niche of expertise and how to position yourself to be abundantly paid to fulfil your souls contract.









1. How long is the Synergy Speaker Mastermind group?

The Power of Synergy Speaking Mastermind group is Six months with two video modules delivered to your inbox on the 2nd and 3rd Monday's at 9 AM PST. On the 4th Monday's of every month during the six months you will have a LIVE Q&A Coaching Zoom webinar with Deborah Deras to get coaching on the material covered in the first two modules.

You will connect with your accountability buddy on the 5th and 1st Monday or weekly if you need the check in for support.

You can share resources and ask questions and mastermind challenges in our Facebook group daily during the duration of the Mastermind.

Our Spring cohort begins on Monday, July 8th- December 16, 2019.

The group Q&A sessions are the fourth Monday of each of the month from 6pm-7:30pm PST/ 9-10:30pm EST via ZOOM a web conference line you can attend via phone or computer.

This may be subject to change in case of emergency but you will have at least two weeks notice to plan accordingly unless an act of God.

2. Can anyone enroll?

Yes, you can but there is LIMITED SPACE. Because we are committed to the success of ALL of our participants to allow time for coaching and development and to answer your questions and mastermind your challenges. We are limiting enrollment only to experts who are ready to be a paid speaker now. If you feel that procrastination or sabotage may be at play, we recommend you take our Mindset for Success course first to help you break these negative patterns that can stop you before your event start.

3. What will we cover and dates of meeting?

Two online video modules of training per month delivered for your convenience to your inbox on the 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month by 9am PST/12 EST. You can watch the module and do the assignments at any time of the week. For optimal success, I recommend scheduling in your calendar the same 90 minutes uninterrupted time every week to make it a habit.

We will have LIVE Coaching Zoom Webinars monthly with the dynamic Deborah Deras. You will receive training, coaching, and Q&A on the two modules you just watched and done assignment on so that you may get your questions answered on the 4th Mondays of each month for 90 minutes at 6pm-7:30pm PST/ 9-10:30pm EST.


Easy to Schedule in your Google or Outlook Calendar as a recurring appointment on the 4th Monday of each month at 6pm-7:30pm PST/ 9-10:30pm EST

4. Why enroll in this program?

Unlike other courses that take your money whether you do the work or not. I am a former Professor, Life Coach, NLP Master Results Coach and Taskmaster, so I will be holding you accountable because the only thing that will stop you from getting results is you and even then I can help you if you decide to do 1-1 NLP sessions with me.

5. Where do we meet?

The online training are delivered to you via zoom video so you can watch anywhere anytime.

The monthly live interactive Q&A are super valuable, so please schedule the fourth Monday in your calendar at 6:00 PM PST and have reliable WIFI, and your questions ready. If for some reason you don't have reliable WIFI than you can still participate via cell phone via audio not video.

6. How will we communicate in between meetings?

You will have a private membership Facebook group where you can post questions, successes, and share resources. All the videos and materials will be available in our private group.

7. What if I miss the monthly Q&A?

All modules are recorded, and we will post the video recording for your viewing pleasure in our private Facebook group for you to access anytime.

8. What if I live out of California, can I still participate?

Yes, everything is online via ZOOM so you can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer or phone with excellent internet service.

9. Will I get coaching with Deborah Deras?

Yes, if you pay in full, it includes a 60-minute strategy session with Deborah. If you do the VIP option, you will get an additional 2 sessions per month for those of you on the fast track. During the Mastermind, you will have an opportunity to be coached in the group setting. Also, if you have an urgent issue like negotiating a high paid speaking gig, you can arrange a private call with her based on availability. If you want more 1-1's, you can purchase private sessions with Deb at a reduced rate of 20% off while in the mastermind group to support your success with ease and grace.

10. What is the time investment of the group?

Approximately 90 minutes to two hours a week, to watch the videos, do the assignments, attend group meetings, read books, listen to podcasts, and get support from your accountability buddy.

You will get out of it what you put into it but since we believe less is more even if you have one hour a day you will make progress.

11. Is there a guarantee?

YES!!! If you attend all the sessions, listen to all the weekly training, and complete in full all of the assignments and within twelve months after completing the course you do not book a paid speaking gig, I will happily refund your money. I have taught 3 cohorts, and what I have found is the more confidence you have in yourself, the faster you will be a paid speaker. The only thing stopping you is your belief in yourself.

We are here to support you to get your career started faster and easier, and I know these concepts work if you take all the actions that are laid out for you step by step.

💠Your first speaking gig will pay for the course and considering you will be booking as many as you like when you apply these tools. It is a stone cold deal.

💠Twelve modules delivered two each month. Two recorded lessons and One Q&A live coaching session via zoom with Deborah Deras each and every month for six months. That's 3 sessions each month to be sure you stay on track.

💠Monthly Q&A's Live Coaching with Deborah to answer your questions on the modules.
Over 33 videos/audios on how to Be A Paid Speaker Now from the podcast interviewing other speakers and finding out their strategies.

💠A 70-page comprehensive manual with everything you need to book paid gigs. (Value: Priceless)

💠Resources for webmasters, branding copywriting, headshots, SEO, graphic designers, videographers, podcasting facilities etc and much more since Deborah is a B School member.

💠Facebook group to Mastermind/Synergize with other experts who understand you and to help each other overcome challenges

💠Weekly calls with your accountability buddy to stay on track with your video trainings and follow through with assignments. Note this is at your own pace so don't feel pressured you go at your own pace.

Synergy Speakers Mastermind (Payment Plan)



If you decide on the payment plan and decide to drop out of the program half way through as your ego that is not your amigo puts doubt in your head, you are still responsible for the payments as you have lifetime access to the program so only sign up if you are able to commit to your success as a paid speaker.


Synergy Speakers Mastermind (Full)



This is the option that 9/10 people select because you get the Be A Paid Speaker Now course, the Synergy Speaker Mastermind, Acountability Buddy, Facebook group and Group coaching with Deborah. Plus, as a rewar for paying in full you receive a bonus 1-1, 60 minute coaching call with Deborah, valued at $250. You also get the "Get the Speak with Confidence ans Speak with Confidence on Camera" course.Oooh lala, so good, right. I also will feature you on my podcast and new Synergy Speaker Website. What are you waiting for? Join the SYNERGY NOW!!!


Be A Paid Speaker Now Online Course



If you are a self-motivated  person and on a budget you can access the entire course with the six modules with one module delivered each month so that you can absorb the content and take action to grow your paid speaking business. If you decide later on you would like 1-1 coaching with Deborah you can contact her and get a discount while you are in the program. You can also decide later to join the group and the 497 you paid will be deducted from the group rate. All of our programs are designed to set you up for success with ease and grace.


Be a Keynote Speaker

Deborah has shared the stage with Lisa Ling, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson, Panache Desai, Michael Beckwtih, Stedman Graham and countless other stars.

Deborah's curriculum will teach you how to be a signature keynote speaker, breakout workshop presenter, panel speaker, emcee, and corporate trainer and the difference in fees amongst these various opportunities you have as a paid speaker. 

Learn how to set and negotiate fees. How to secure gigs and position yourself online as an expert in your industry.

Also learn how to deliver a keynote to 1000 High School students, a 3-hour training to a Bank/Corporation or even how to deliver a 20 minute talk in a prison. Deborah has done it all and will set you up for success.

Accountability Buddy

In addition to getting coached by Deborah on the online training modules and the FAcebook mastermind group you will also be assigned an accountability buddy who you will check in weekly to stay on track with your goals and work through challenges together.

Most masterminds delegate you to a team of coaches. In this group you get unparalled access to Deborah's 17 years of expertise through the monthly Q&A Zoom sessions and interaction in the private Facebook group.

Deborah will coach you through obstacles, ego sabotage and keep you on track to achieve your speaking goals and more importantly your soul's contract.

Deborah is not just your personal speaking coach, she is your marketing consultant, spiritual counselor and certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming where she specializes in helping you breakthrough subconscious blockages that can inhibit your success.

Deborah has spoken for client such as: NBC, J.P. Morgan, British Petroleum, General Electric, Macy's Kaiser, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, HR Association of Broward County,  and hundreds of Colleges, Associations and countless Latino Organizations.

Priceless Resources

Currently, Deborah is enrolled in a business school providing infinite resources for everything from your website, email newsletter to developing free content and more. Value $2000 so she has access to infinite marketing resources that she will pass along her knowledge to you.

Deborah has so many contacts in her rolodex and connections in Beverly Hills, Inglewood, the SBA and nationwide contacts.

If you want to launch a PODCAST she can direct you who to help you and how to do it.

As a VIP, she will promote you on her PODCAST and YOUTUBE.

If you need a Website, Copywriting, Branding your logo she has go you.

If you need a video editor to help with your social media or create your social media. Deborah has vetted professionals that she shares exclusively with her Synergy group.

This mastermind will give you the team you need to get your message out to the world.

""Deborah has helped me with multiple streams of income as a trainer, paid speaker and now as a mindset strategist. I am so grateful for all of her coaching and recommend her to all of my friends and associates." "

Micah Ross
Mindset Strategy Expert

"Within a week of signing up for her course I booked my first paid speaking engagement. I highly recommend Deborah's coaching programs. "

Jennifer Gaynor- Yaker
Dating and Relating Expert

"Deborah is an amazing coach. After only a few sessions with her I booked my first ever keynote at 10k and got a standing ovation and booked another one right away. Her advise has been invaluable to me in my transition from entrepreneur to paid speaker."

Dan Gordon
Transformational Leadership Expert

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