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Deborah Deras

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Inspire Productivity

We all want our organizations to operate at peak performance. In Deborah's customized programs she shares practical tools to improve productivity. She doesn't just present great information she inspires people from the inside out.

Optimize Efficiency

The key to organizations being world class is to have an engaged and motivated work force. Each program is designed to help staff be intrisically motivated by connecting their position with their core values. 

Improve Innovation

With changes in the composition of the workforce and technology organizations are faced with a whole different way of operating. In order to be at the cutting edge of innovation we have to learn how to cultivate creativity. Our programs activate that skill in all participants to instantly use with their teams.

Top Latina Peak Performance Speaker

Deborah Deras is the author of Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict. She knows what it is like to go for the adrenaline and then burn out. With over 17+ years of study of workplace applications for employee engagement, productivity, and the mind, she has become a leading expert on workplace mindfulness and engagement. Her book details strategies such as mindfulness, energy management, and stress reduction techniques to reduce burnout, anxiety, depression and can improve focus, productivity, and engagement. Sought by leaders at Fortune 500 companies, the military and organizations to develop their teams, train their managers, drive productivity, increase employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Deborah Deras is CEO of Synergy Unlimited a consultancy dedicated to improving performance, engagement and the fulfillment of employees in both their professional and personal lives. She works with Deborah a B.S. in Marketing, an M.S. in Education.



PEAK PERFORMANCE: How to Create a Mindset to Optimize your Workforce. (HRCI & SHRM approved for business credits)


The SHRM Body of Knowledge states “Employee turnover and poor performance can be extremely costly and disruptive to organizations. HR practices that create and maintain an engaged, satisfied workforce and a positive organizational culture, however, can mitigate these problems, by improving organizational performance and the retention of high-performing talent.”

Increase Engagement, Peak Performance and Reduce Burnout Workplace stress and burnout is costing businesses over $150 billion dollars and leads to absenteeism, turnover and increased healthcare costs.

HR professionals at Google, Nike, Apple, Aetna, Goldman Sachs have implemented Mindfulness programs to develop and maintain a positive organizational culture.  HR professionals should know how to design and create systems and interventions that apply these concepts to improve job attitudes and build a positive organizational culture.

During Deborah’s keynote program she will detail strategies that HR Professionals can incorporate in their engagement and retention strategies.

Learning objectives:

  •         Define the terms: workplace mindfulness, energy management, and energy balance system.
  •         Summarize the strategies of mindfulness and energy management and how they increase engagement, peak performance, and retention.
  •         Apply the strategies through small group work on how mindfulness and energy management techniques foster increased productivity.
  •         Distinguish the differences between mindfulness vs thinking, creative energy, and stress, balance vs burnout in the workplace.
  •         Formulate programs at their companies that will reduce burnout, stress and improve focus and productivity.
  •         Establish a 4-step process to reduce conflict within themselves and others and increase engagement, balance, and productivity.
  •         Assess how to recognize and reframe counterproductive thought patterns that can distract the mind from the tasks at hand and teach the strategies to employees.


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If you would like an energetic, entertaining and informative speaker that will captivate your conference for an opening or closing keynote, Deborah Deras, Top Latina Peak Performance speaker will deliver every time.

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