Are you tired of struggle and overwhelm?

Are you feeling stuck or confused about how to market your products/services?

Would you like to manifest your goals and attract your ideal client with more ease and grace?

"Prior to working with Deborah, I was unsure how to position myself. Now, from the academy I have laser clarity on my niche and can book gigs. I love the energy of the mastermind. I recommend her program to any savvy professional that wants to be paid to speak."

Tish Johnson
The Fasting Queen

"In just a few sessions with Deborah, I booked a $10,000 speaking gig. I am so grateful and highly recommend her academy to experts that are ready to be paid to transform the world."

Dan Gordon
Transformational Leadership Speaker

"Deborah coached me in a VIP session on how to structure and deliver my first paid speaking gig. She worked with me on my speech to help me to feel super confident. I already booked a follow up paid gig. She is truly wonderful and you should hire her!!!"

Dani Beck
Mindset for Sales Speaker

"I am so grateful to have Deborah Deras as my Social Media marketing consultant. My husband and I both have attended her classes and have learned so much from her. We are inspired by her energy and passion for entrepreneurs and the support that she provides. We are taking our business to the next level by fallowing her marketing strategy and applying it. She is a rare gem. I highly recommend her to those seeking a Social Media Strategist or Business Coach."

Oksana Tsymbler

"She’s an awesome professional really engages her audience and is an absolute pleasure to work with"

Liliana Aide Monge

Try it for 30 days for only $11

If you want to experience the captivating and motivating energy of Deborah with transformational content try it out for a month. We are so sure you will love it, when you do, do nothing and you will be automatically enrolled at only $77 a month for the first 25 people and you will be locked in at that low price. The normal price is $111 which is well worth all the Mindset, Marketing and Manifestation training, Live 90 minute coaching with Deborah every month and inspiration from the private Facebook group. You will feel Ignited about your Business and best of all you will make money doing what you love.

80% of your revenue will come from your mindset. If you don't believe you can increase your revenue you will create that self fulfilling prophecy. In this Ignite Community you will receive Mindset for Success trainings on how to manage your thoughts, emotions, energy and behaviors to stop sabotaging your success to create the results you desire.

You can have the best idea but if no one knows that you exist you won't be able to sell any of your products or services. Let "The Social Media Goddess" teach you the strategies for each Social Media platform and how to integrate with your email marketing to set you up to monetize your products & services.

After burning out as an adrenaline addict, I learned the hard way there has to be a better way to achieve success with more ease and grace. Deborah will teach you how you can use the law of attraction,  align for success priciples from her new book and manifestation exercises to help you to attract and magnetize your ideal clients and opportunities to you by learning how to become ALIGNED. 


  • Live 90 minute Q&A with Deborah every month on the 4th Wednesday of each month 6-7:30pm PST via ZOOM to receive coaching to Ignite Your Revenue. Spot coaching 1-1 available on a first come first service basis. If you can't attend live the video recording will be uploaded to your exclusive membership area. 

  • Archived video broadcasts from her DEBFLIX VAULT on Digital Marketing Strategies for your viewing pleasure anywhere anytime: On Social Media Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and How to Sell without Selling online to boost the sales of your products and services.

  • A brand new video each month on Manifestation Techniques on How to Align for Success with Deborah Deras to stop struggling and pushing or hustling but how to Align for Success with Meditation, Grounding and Visioning exercises led by Deborah.

  • Receive a special off the market four part Webinar series on How to have the Mindset for Success Webinars: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience and mind hacks to get out of procrastination, perfectionism, sabotage into action.

  • A private membership forum where you can SYNERGIZE and get support and inspirational resources from your community.

  • Access to the full video library of 67 episodes of the Be A Paid Speaker Now Podcast

  • Access to the full video library of inspirational interviews of over 22 episodes of Transformational Tuesday.

  • 10% off all coaching and Be A Paid Speaker Now online academy course

  • Surprise invitations to virtual events and live events when we get back out into the world and other fantastic perks.

Enjoy all these Mindset, Marketing and Manifestation training, coaching with Deb and Synergy of the community for only $77 for the first 25 people.

The regular membership is $111. Grab the early bird special good until 10/20/2020 or first 25 people who register.

Try it out for 30 days for only $11 dollars and experience the SYNERGY to Ignite Your Revenue.


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