Would you like to be a paid speaker?

Are you an expert in your field and want to monetize your message?

This is an online academy with a step by step guide of everything I did to become a professional paid speaker. You will save yourself 18 years of trial and error and over 40k,000 I spent on courses with all the information right here. You can see what works and what doesn't to have a Career or part-time gig as a professional speaker. 

  • Who will pay you to speak
  • How to determine your expertise as a speaker
  • How to get paid as a speaker
  • How to  get discovered once you decide to speak
  • How to get paid gigs
  • How to get repeat business
  • How to negotiate the highest fees
  • How to create a website that will build your other coaching and online programs
  • Plus you will get my Speakers Bible with all the resources you need
  • Forms to book speaking gigs, make your audience your sales team, marketing postcards, email templates and more. 
  • Sample speaking contract. 
  • Over 55 Interviews with Top Speakers on how took paid gigs.
  • And unprecedented LIFETIME ACCESS. -Priceless
  • New materials added all the time. 
  • BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Convenient ten-month payment plan only $50. Text your email to 310-945-5651 keyword: SPEAKNOW, to get this low price and finally get your speaking career off the ground.
  • BONUSES: Speak with Confidence mini course
  • Speak with Confidence on Camera course Value $599
Let's Do It!

Social Media for Speakers

Are you ready to get paid to speak and know you need to get on social media but not sure where to begin?

Are you unclear of how to position your brand online?

Not to worry, I have created a Social Media Marketing series for Speakers with you in mind. This short and sweet mini course with modules approximately 30 minutes in length will help you to position your brand and land speaking engagements without spending any money on costly ads, cold calling or expensive mailers. You will book gigs through your social media presence. Isn’t that super cool. 

This self study video course includes:

  • Youtube for Speakers - This is your ticket to be found in search on Google since Google owns search. I booked the big $60k Verizon contract.

  • LinkedIn for Speakers - If you want Fortune 500 companies as I have with J.P.Morgan, British Petroleum, and General Electric. Plus, I booked like 5 South Florida gigs with Human Resource associations all through a powerful presence on LinkedIn.

  • Instagram for Speakers - This is where it is at especially in 2020, with a global pandemic and more people using Instagram and Instagram Live than ever. I literally booked a gig with NASA using a hashtag.

  • Facebook for Speakers - How to get out of Facebook jail where you get no engagement and have your target market to see you understand how you answer the problem to their audience. I was able to book Procter & Gamble, New York Life, New American & Church's Chicken - over $50k just from this awesome platform.

  • Video Content & SEO for Speakers -But, what the heck do I post. Not to worry, I got you. This webinar will break down step by step how to create content that gets people to hire you either in person or via Webinar.

Normally, this course would be sold for $247 however since the times we are in, I am offering it through the end of May at a deep discount with $100 off for only $147.

I am ready!

IGNITE YOUR REVENUE Group Coaching & Training Community

Are you feeling stuck or confused about how to market your products/services?

Would you like to manifest your goals and attract your ideal client with more ease and grace?

  • You will receive Mindset, Marketing, and Manifestation online training so you can have clarity on your business marketing, mindset for success, and the knowledge of how to manifest consistent income.

  • Discover the step by step system to take your creative idea into a money-making venture.

  • How to manifest your business goals with more ease and grace by learning how to put the Law of Attraction in Action.

  • Have Deborah coach you step by step on how to go from vision to implementation to revenue-generating products and services. 

  • Learn where to focus your time and energy to make your business profitable and have fun while doing it.

  • Learn how to stop struggling, pushing & hustling, and how to Align for Success through transformational exercises led by Deborah.

  • Surprise invitations to virtual events and live events so you can build your network and surround yourself with positive people

BONUSES: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday bonuses: open enrollment on 11/30/2020 for the first 25 people who register.


You Get: 

  • Exclusive access to the full video library of 67 episodes of the Be A Paid Speaker Now Podcast with special members-only bonus resources. $997 Value 

  • Your personal success course on topics like abundance, health, relationships, trauma, and more. $2200 Value 

    BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL 11.11 for 11-day trial than regularly 111 but you get 77 monthly membership as a charter member. You can cancel anytime.


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